Using the external flow cell configuration (A) and SHC assay protocol (B) Al has been determined using luminogalin reagent by the method of Resing and Measures (1994). The reaction of Al with luminogalin in ammonium acetate buffer (pH 5.5 ) was carried out at 50 C (C) during 10 sec stop flow interval in the holding coil.
This feasibility study (D) is a preliminary work aimed at determination of Al in sea water where desirable Al LOD is at 0.2 ppB. Since in this work the light source was Tungsten lamp and the detector was OO Fluorometer, the using of high intensity LED and filtered PMT is likely to improve the detection limit to the desired value.

Aluminum Assay by Fluorescence

J.A.Resing and C.I.Measures Anal. Chem.1994, 66.4105.