Very much can be written about the trial and the three weeks I spent in Washington. But I remember especially one episode. The ITC had engaged Lloyd Snyder as an expert witness. Good and bad for us? Well, Lloyd had to maintain his scientific pride. This fact showed to be a gain for us especially when injection valves were discussed. Under normal circumstances the Stewart patent would have been invalidated due to a public lecture held more than one year before the filing of the patent application. But not in this trial. Very little was normal here. I was appointed by Poms and Oldenkamp to be the expert witness for Bifok. Consequently, I was asked by the judge to prove my competence. I referred to all the peer reviewed papers that had written about the FIA technique. But these papers were in English, what about papers written in Swedish? Please submit such papers to the court. I did not believe what I heard, what to do? Then I recalled that I had written at least one FIA paper in Swedish for the Swedish chemistry journal “Kemisk Tidskrift”. But where in Washington could this Swedish journal be accessed? Answer: at the Library of Congress. The right issue of the journal was found and the FIA paper was copied on a photocopy machine that had to be fed with dimes. Helpful people at the library saved me and provided dimes. I could submit a copy of the paper and I was reluctantly accepted by the court as an FIA expert.